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To what extent is religion or culture an obstacle or advantage to integration?

On many occasions, it has been declared by both the media and various integration reports and surveys that Somali-Norwegian score the worst on almost all integration goals. Why is it that? Are we aware of these results and what we have been accused of? And how do we get out of this integration ditch? Understanding the challenges we face and becoming part of the solution may be is the solution we need.
We will arrange several discussion meetings where we present facts in various integration challenges. We have invited professionals and politicians who have extensive experience in various fields of integration from Norway and abroad.
The invited speakers are:

  • Lars Østby – researcher from Statistics Norway
  • Kari Henriksen- Kari Henriksen – parliamentary politician
  • Abdulkadir Kashi- Somali Canadian Imam
  • Raymond Johanson- The governing major of Oslo
  • Nasra Ahmed- Somali Swedish – social entrepreneurship and businesswoman
  • Ubah Aden- founder and head of Karaama-Voice

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