Karaama-Voice is a knowledge-based platform based in Oslo, Norway



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We are a knowledge-based dialogue forum that organizes dialogue gatherings on integration, equality, human rights and development policy from a transnational and diaspora perspective. We invite prominent speakers from the around the world who can handle our open-minded and solution-oriented approach with global glasses. Karaama-Voice is social entrepreneurship within integration and, in addition, we are a consultation body that answers questions within diversity, the effects of climate change, food security and the use of aid.
  • Our Aims

    Vision - Achieving greatness for solidarity and unity is Karaama-Voices ambition.

  • Our Programs

    We offer lectures and tailor-made programs with varied themes for different target groups and services. We have skilled and certified lecturers with experience in motivation, women's empowerment such as the WCDI programme, parenting and education programs such as ICDP, family counseling and conflict mediation programs with a focus on forgiveness and reconciliation



First Somali FGM book written in Somali Language How to combat FGM through education and raise awareness of the practice FGM has been a very long and horrible practice in Somalia. Despite the fact that the world has recognized the practice as a human rights violation. Somalia is still the country with the highest prevalence of practices.
This is because the authorities are absent in this work. Without the responsibility of the Somali government, Somalia can never be free from this inhuman practice.  In his conference we will discuss how we can increase people’s knowledge about this practice through the education system. And how we can hold the authorities accountable in this work?