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The integration podcast – This year we established the very first integration podcast which will be a voice for integration issues and migration.

In the year 2022, we started Norway’s very first integration podcast. It will be a public information podcast that addresses themes and issues related to integration in a multicultural society.
In the first season of this podcast, we talk to eleven prominent women of different nationalities, different backgrounds and commitment about their integration experience, the fight for equality and the glass ceiling they broke to achieve their dreams.
Simply a unique and inspired story of success and hard work.
We ended the season with a joint dialogue between some of the women who participated in the podcast and other women from the wider community about the way forward from some of the challenges that permeated almost every episode – namely gender-based violence, discrimination and equality. We ended with a joint call on how we solve these challenges togetherness!

Articles written about the conference

Samtale fra Klassekampen skrevet av journalist Aina Ebube Helgheim – 6. des. 2022