Karaama-Voice is a knowledge-based platform based in Oslo, Norway

Dialogue on integration challenges in the Somali diaspora.

Opportunities and challenges faced by the Somali women both in diaspora and in the country Since 1990, millions of Somalis have emigrated to several parts of the world due to the civil war in Somalia. These immigrants have faced a multitude of challenges with integration into the new societies where they have moved to.
Physical and financial assets and securities are very important principles for human life. However, these principles have been significantly undermined in Somalia by civil war since 1991. The war has left hundreds of thousands dead, sent millions into diaspora and refugee camps. As a result, these conflicts have left the entire country and its society deeply devastated. In difficult times, Somali women became the backbone of the community. They took on the responsibility of generating the income for their families. Despite this, women in Somalia are the ones who have experienced the most hardships and bear the brunt of the wars. They also faced major challenges in the diaspora.
In this program we will discuss different perspectives and ideas on how to promote a more inclusive Somali society, and how to create a more active role for Somali women in the social, political and economic development of the country. During the events in the program the following questions will be addressed:

  • What barriers prevent women from participating actively in the social, political and economic affairs of the county?
  • Are these barriers cultural, social or religious?
  • How the family relationship is affected by diaspora life?
  • What would be the way forward to overcome such obstacles?

Key Speakers:

  • Maryam Qaasim Ahmed – Former minister of human development and public services in Somalia
  • Hodan Said Isse- professor at university of Buffalo
  • Anisa Hajimumin – Minister of Women and Family Affairs in the Puntland State of Somalia
  • Ubah Aden- the founder and leader of Karaama-Voice
  • Mohamed Hussein Moallin- expert on history, author of several books and teacher

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